• Dr. Tanya Thomas
    Dr. Tanya Thomas Executive/Head Start Director
  • Shannon Lloyd
    Shannon Lloyd Finance Director
  • John Tyno
    John Tyno Weatherization Director
  • Joseph Machett
    Joseph Machett Transportation Manager
  • Faye Walker
    Faye Walker Program Budget Analyst
  • Tina Smith
    Tina Smith Development & Data Analyst
  • Tracy Ragan
    Tracy Ragan Health/Nutrition Manager
  • Kelvin Pettway
    Kelvin Pettway ERSEA Manager
  • Stephney Davis
    Stephney Davis Disability/Mental Health Manager
  • Ashley Kilpatrick
    Ashley Kilpatrick Child Development Manager
  • Octavious Morrison
    Octavious Morrison Facilities Manager
  • Carla Gervin
    Carla Gervin CSBG Director
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