CSBG Services

Food Vouchers

Food vouchers will be issued to those individuals who are in need of emergency food, due to hardship such as loss of employment due to no fault of their own (must provide copy of separation notice or if due to illness must provide Physicians statement), cut in work hours or wages, receive no food stamps or maximum of $50 in food stamps. Food vouchers are valued at $50 each. For households of 3 members or less, a $50 food voucher will be issued. For households of 4 or more members, two $50 food vouchers will be issued.

Utility (Water) Assistance

Assistance will be provided to individuals whose water payments are past due and subject to disconnection. Current utility bill must be submitted at time of the appointment. A maximum of $50 will be allowed for utility (water assistance).

Minor Car Repair Program

Individuals will receive assistance with minor car repairs such as batteries, tires, water hoses, engine belts, etc. The individual must be employed for at least six (6) months on his/her job. His/her employer will be contacted concerning job good performance. Two bids must be submitted from certified mechanics as well as proof of current car registration and insurance and vehicle must be in applicant’s name. A maximum of $300 will be allowed per vehicle.

G.E.D. Training

Individuals will be allowed a maximum of $160 to help assist with the testing for G.E.D. or related materials. Individuals must submit documentation from registrar’s office to show proof of attendance of G.E.D. classes.

Prescription Drug Program

Individuals will receive assistance with their prescriptions with a maximum amount allowed of $200. No pain medications will be approved under the prescription drug program. Individuals must submit a copy of their prescription from his/her Physician. No prescriptions will be filled at pharmacist without a copy of the signed and approved Purchase Order from CSBG Director.

Minor Home Repair Program

Individuals who are 62 and older or who are disabled will receive assistance with minor home repairs such as handicapped toilets, handrails, leaking bathroom and kitchen faucets, and repairs of bathroom and kitchen floors. A maximum amount of $2,000, which includes contractor’s labor and materials cost, will be allowed per home.

CSBG Monthly Activity Reports

During each month the Community Services Block Grant Program (CSBG) provides direct services to numerous households in the region. Activity reports are done monthly by each Community Services Center.

August 2016



During the month of August, the Community Services Block Grant Program (CSBG) provided direct services to 483 households in the region. Additional units of services included Budget

Counseling/Financial Literacy, Case Management, Job Readiness, Life Skills Training, Job Placement/Employment Assistance, referrals for Educational Skills Training, Housing Advocacy, Crisis Intervention, Energy Conservation, Emergency Assistance,  Community Volunteer Activities, Needs Assessments/Surveys, and referrals to other organizations.


Activity Monthly Total YTD Total Agency Goal % of Objective
Self-Sufficiency (1.0) 602 3434 3350 97%
Employment (2.0) 71 345 350 99%
Nutrition (7.0) 33 355 35 100%
Housing Assistance (6.0) 71 465 475 101%
Emergency Asst. (9.0) 114 454 475 96%
Energy Asst. (10.0) 242 1009 1000 100%

There were 602 Case Management/Self-Sufficiency Plans developed for clients during the month of August.  A total of 71 clients received Employment Assistance for the month, including but not limited to Job Readiness Training, Employment Search, and Life Skills Training.  There were a total of 46 activity completed under Economic Development of which included services such as health, home improvement and safety initiatives.  A total of 71 clients were assisted with referrals for Minor Home Repair and Weatherization. Emergency Assistance and referrals was provided to 114 families and Energy Assistance to 242 families.  A total of 0 clients received assistance with their utility bills through the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).  A total of 33 clients received food vouchers, food baskets and nutritional counseling.  A total of 108 clients received budget counseling, 9 clients received education and life skills counseling, 13 clients were assisted with prescription drugs and health services counseling, and 6 clients received family counseling and referrals to other organizations.

Other activities for the month of July 2016 at the CSBG sites were as follows:



Ms. Beverly Ewings assisted clients in the Ben Hill and Irwin County area with utility assistance through the EMA program. 5 clients in the Irwin Area was served and 5 in the Ben Hill county area was served.  Ms. Ewings assisted 6 clients in the Ben Hill with rental and utility assistance through Salvation Army. Ms. Ewings also assisted 1 client in the Ben Hill area with a $50.00 food voucher. In the Irwin County area 3 people was served with food boxes from our pantry. For the month of August Ms. Ewings attended Family Connections Collaborative Meeting.



Ms. Evelyn Haggins provided the following services for the month of August. Ms. Haggins had a meeting with Ms. Tippins on the assistance to help parent with clothing for her students. She referred clients to Department of Labor for job resources and counseling on preparing for a job. She provided handouts on independent living activities, energy saving tips, provided budget counseling, case management plans, energy counseling, entitlement benefits, how to manage stress, crisis/counseling intervention, and follow-ups, informed clients about job offers and community events in and around other counties. She referred some phone call to Untied Way, Ray City Methodist Church, Nashville Methodist Church, and New Covenant Church-Ray City.  She printed out new job announcement at Coastal Plains and surrounding area.  Ms. Haggins provided some weatherization applications and updates to weatherization, and minor home repairs. Ms. Haggins also completed some Food Voucher and 10 EMA applications.  She had a meeting with Department of Labor Specialist out of Tifton about new job posting for Coastal Plain Area EOA, INC. Ms. Haggins attended a meeting in Valdosta Dept. of Labor for Steak Holders meeting, was able to make some new connection. On August 25 Ms. Haggins had a meeting with Evelyn Fox from Family Connection and CIS about the different program we offer at the Community Service Center.



Ms. Elise Jackson met with and/or spoke with 25 clients, of which 11 clients were assisted through the various Program that we offer.  10 clients were assisted with their utility bill through the EMA-Electric and Gas Program, 1 client was assisted through the Weatherization and Minor Home Repairs Program.  Ms. Jackson referred clients out to other agencies and organization for assistance.  The Salvation Army for assistance with rent and utilizes.  The Brooks County DFCS to apply for Food Stamps.  The Local Child Support Enforcement Office to apply for Chill support, or to enforce an existing Court order.  The department of Labor for Job Training, Job Placement, and Resources.  To the Hill Top Food Bank and the Wings of Eagle for further assistance with food.

08/23/2016 — Ms. Jackson attend the Region XI DFCS Annual Stakeholder Meeting. The theme for this year was “Blueprint for Change”.

08/29/2016 – Ms. Jackson met with Mrs. Doris Miley, CEO for Wings of Eagles, Inc., alone with Mrs. Mitchell who is the Coordinator for the Seniors Food Program, they are suppling seniors with food boxes once a month.  Wings of Eagles, Inc. offers other program such as Tutoring, Counseling, Food & Clothing Bank for everyone, Temporary Emergency Housing, and a Kids Kitchen, where Children can come and get a hot meal.



Ms. Phyllis Cannington attended an evening Family Connection Board meeting on August 4, 2016, at Austin’s Steakhouse in Valdosta.  The purpose for this meeting was to review all upcoming programs and grants.  Each program was discussed and budget was approved.  A wonderful dinner and fellowship was enjoyed by all.

August 29th, Ms. Cannington attended a Family Connection Board meeting at the Community Service/Family Connection office.  During this meeting we enjoyed a Power Point presentation by Executive Director, Zoe Myers of the many accomplishment of the organization for the 2016 year.  Many programs were implemented during the year such as additional playground equipment at the Boys and Girls Club, Community Play Dates, Mobile vegetable/fruit distribution, Power Camp, and many other programs and trainings.  Community Connections have allowed our county to help and empower many young people over the past year.  We enjoyed a wonderful lunch prepared by Jennifer Lovett of chicken salad, broccoli salad, pimento/cheese finger sandwiches and 13 layer chocolate cake!!

This month has been busy with EMA and food voucher, applications.  Several clients were referred to RDC in Tifton for major home repair.

All follow ups are up to date.



Ms. Christine Rodriguez reported that the month of August was a VERY busy month for Lanier and Echols Community Centers!  During the month of August, CSBG Coordinator Mrs. Rodriguez met with and/or spoke with on the phone 58 past, present and prospective clients in need of community services in the form of crisis electric, water, Minor Home Repair, WX and Prescription applications and successfully serving 21 families with Crisis Electric assistance, 5 with crisis water assistance, 6 RX refills, only having to deny 2 clients for crisis electric funds due to ineligibility.  In Lanier County, Mrs. Rodriguez assisted 2 clients with applications for Minor Home Repair and Weatherization services.

This month, CSBG Coordinator Christine Rodriguez served some time volunteering at the local food pantry/clothes closet, “Hope for Tomorrow” in Lakeland. Sorting, hanging and folding clothes for the clothes closet. Mrs. Rodriguez also volunteered in the “Back to School Community Day” helping pack school supplies in donated backpacks for children. While Lanier CSBG was able to receive 40 volunteer hours from community residents doing community service as well as non-perishable food items for the CSBG food pantry.

With the extremely high heat this past month residents of both counties have seen a significant increase in their electric consumption and their electricity bills. Along with assisting clients with the remaining EMA Crisis funds to assist in paying electric bills, County Coordinator was able to administer Energy Conservation Tips and counseling to residents on some tips that could help lessen their energy use.



Ms. Angela Chaney assisted several families with getting minor repairs on their vehicles if employed, paying water bills, minor repairs on seniors and the disabled homes, paying electric bills, and assisted with $50 food vouchers for Winn Dixie. Ms. Angela Chaney also assisted clients with getting low income gas started through SCANA Regulated Gas. She is continuously receiving food and clothes donations from the community.

On August 4th, Rev Martin came to the office and invited Ms. Chaney to meet with his wife on August 5, 2016, to look at the new Citizens Against Violence Headquarters in Ora Lee West. The headquarters will not only help lower crime in the area, it will also help families find jobs, counseling services, and after school programs. Ms. Chaney informed the Martin’s that Coastal Plain would be glad to assist in any way we could.

On August 27th, Ms. Belinda and the Girl Scouts started their meeting back at the office, after being on a summer break.



Ms. Cynthia Paulk During the month of August, as always, the public was informed/updated of the services offered through Coastal Plain Area EOA.   This is done every month.

August 10, 2016 – Attended monthly TCCCY collaborative meeting.

August 15, 2016 – Meeting with Mr. McGregory Morris, DOL Veterans Specialist.   They collaborated on assisting the veterans with services they may not have through VA.  Ms. Paulk and Mr. Morris have scheduled to meet monthly.

Tift County CSBG office completed follow ups and made referrals to other agencies, as well as this office for future assistance.



Ms. Bateman has been busy during the month of August Ms. Bateman was busy answering calls about energy assistance. Ms. Bateman processed 11 EMA applications assisting clients with their energy bill. Numerous clients from within the community came into the office inquiring about assistance with their energy bill, but could not receive assistance at this time. Some clients were referred to the United Way and Salvation Army to see if assistance was available.  Ms. Bateman assisted clients with prescription drug refills and with weatherization application. Ms. Bateman referred several clients to the Center’s clothes closet for clothing assistance. In-kind donations were received from individuals within the community.

On August 30, 2016 Greg Morris with the Department of Labor in Tifton along with Donnie R. Glover, who is the Veteran Technician Assistant Monitor out of Atlanta. Mr. Morris and Mr. Glover help Veterans find jobs and adequate housing among other things. Mr. Glover asked Ms. Bateman about the jobs here in Ashburn, she explained to him jobs are scarce and hard to find here, many are not advertised, and many don’t qualify. It was a pleasure meeting and talking with Mr. Glover.



CSBG Director, Ms. Debra Hopper, reviewed and approved CSBG applications for Weatherization, Minor Car Repairs, Minor Home Repairs, Prescription Drugs, Emergency Food and utility assistance. She submitted FEMA Phase 32 final reports for Berrien, Cook, Echols, Irwin, Lanier and Turner to the Emergency Food and Shelter Program on Friday, August 26th. Ms. Hopper also sent out FEMA Phase 33 award letters to all the coordinators with the public service announcement so it could be put in the newspapers. Ms. Hopper also signed accounts payable checks. We currently don’t have a CSBG Bookkeeper, Ms. Hopper has been keeping up with the duties of that position as well.

We are continuing to seek God’s perfect will and plan for Coastal Plain. Coordinators are continuing to reach out to area high schools and colleges to recruit those individuals who need assistance with G.E.D. testing. Local certified mechanics and dealerships are working with the Agency in assisting those clients in need of minor car repairs. We have formed many partnerships with local drug stores in assisting those clients in need of prescriptions. Our County Coordinators are assisting our community families with CSBG activities. We are seeking new ways to empower families in our community to move out of a crisis state and into a thriving state.

The Community Service Centers are part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) and provide funds to alleviate the causes and conditions of poverty in communities. For more information, contact the center in your county listed below:

Ben Hill County

Coordinator: Beverly Ewings
Ph:  229-426-5177
FAX:  229-426-5178
116 N. Johnston Street
Fitzgerald, GA 31750

(M, W, F) 8AM – 5PM

Irwin County

Coordinator: Beverly Ewings
Ph:  229-468-5186
FAX:  229-468-9537
311 Vo Tech Road
Ocilla, GA 31774

(T – Th) 8AM – 5PM

Berrien County

Coordinator: Evelyn Haggins
Ph:  229-686-7871
FAX:  229-686-7871
402 Hazel Avenue
Nashville, GA   31639

(M – F) 8AM – 5PM

Lanier County

Coordinator: Christine Rodriquez
Ph:  229-482-3435
FAX:  229-482-2914
104 South Oak Street
Lakeland, GA   31635

(M, T, Th, F) 8AM – 5PM

Brooks County

Coordinator: Elise Jackson
Ph:  229-263-7818
FAX:  229-263-8941
400 Courtland Avenue
Quitman, GA   31643

(M – Th) 9AM – 4PM

Lowndes County

Coordinator: Angela Chaney
Ph:  229-242-8814
FAX:  229-242-6505
900 S. Troupe Street
Valdosta, GA 31601

(M – F) 8AM – 5PM

Cook County

Coordinator: Phyllis Cannington
Ph:  229-549-8780
FAX:  229-549-8780
303 S. College St. (P.O. Box 595)
Sparks, GA  31647

(M – Th) 8AM – 4:30PM

Tift County

Coordinator: Cynthia Paulk
Ph:  229-382-2960
FAX:  229-387-0754
2737 S. Central Ave., Suite 4
Tifton, GA 31794-4023

(M – F) 8AM – 5PM

Echols County

Coordinator: Christine Rodriquez
Ph:  229-559-3472
FAX:  229-559-0788
170 Church of God Street
Statenville, GA 31648

(Wed) 8AM – 5PM

Turner County

Coordinator: Sheketha Bateman
Ph:  229-567-2844
FAX:  229-567-8033
124 E. College St. (P.O. Box 2524)
Ashburn, GA 31714

(M -F) 8AM – 5PM

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