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Food Vouchers

Food vouchers will be issued to those individuals who are in need of emergency food, due to hardship such as loss of employment due to no fault of their own (must provide copy of separation notice or if due to illness must provide Physicians statement), cut in work hours or wages, receive no food stamps or maximum of $50 in food stamps. Food vouchers are valued at $50 each. For households of 3 members or less, a $50 food voucher will be issued. For households of 4 or more members, two $50 food vouchers will be issued.

Utility (Water) Assistance

Assistance will be provided to individuals whose water payments are past due and subject to disconnection. Current utility bill must be submitted at time of the appointment. A maximum of $50 will be allowed for utility (water assistance).

Minor Car Repair Program

Individuals will receive assistance with minor car repairs such as batteries, tires, water hoses, engine belts, etc. The individual must be employed for at least six (6) months on his/her job. His/her employer will be contacted concerning job good performance. Two bids must be submitted from certified mechanics as well as proof of current car registration and insurance and vehicle must be in applicant’s name. A maximum of $300 will be allowed per vehicle.

G.E.D. Training

Individuals will be allowed a maximum of $160 to help assist with the testing for G.E.D. or related materials. Individuals must submit documentation from registrar’s office to show proof of attendance of G.E.D. classes.

Prescription Drug Program

Individuals will receive assistance with their prescriptions with a maximum amount allowed of $200. No pain medications will be approved under the prescription drug program. Individuals must submit a copy of their prescription from his/her Physician. No prescriptions will be filled at pharmacist without a copy of the signed and approved Purchase Order from CSBG Director.

Minor Home Repair Program

Individuals who are 62 and older or who are disabled will receive assistance with minor home repairs such as handicapped toilets, handrails, leaking bathroom and kitchen faucets, and repairs of bathroom and kitchen floors. A maximum amount of $2,000, which includes contractor’s labor and materials cost, will be allowed per home.

CSBG Monthly Activity Reports

During each month the Community Services Block Grant Program (CSBG) provides direct services to numerous households in the region. Activity reports are done monthly by each Community Services Center.

The Community Service Centers are part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) and provide funds to alleviate the causes and conditions of poverty in communities. For more information, contact the center in your county listed below:

Ben Hill County

Ph:  229-426-5177
FAX:  229-426-5178
116 N. Johnston Street
Fitzgerald, GA 31750

(M, W, F) 8AM – 5PM

Irwin County

Ph:  229-468-5186
FAX:  229-468-9537
517 E Fourth St
Ocilla, GA 31774

(T – Th) 8AM – 5PM

Berrien County

Ph:  229-686-7871
FAX:  229-686-7871
402 Hazel Avenue
Nashville, GA   31639

(M – F) 8AM – 5PM

Lanier County

Ph:  229-482-3435
FAX:  229-482-2914
108 S Highway 135
Lakeland, GA   31635

(M, T, Th, F) 8AM – 5PM

Brooks County

Ph:  229-474-6883
FAX:  229-348-6147
201 Barnes Street
Quitman, GA   31643

(M – Th) 9AM – 4PM

Lowndes County

Ph:  229-242-8814
FAX:  229-242-6505
900 S. Troupe Street
Valdosta, GA 31601

(M – F) 8AM – 5PM

Cook County

Ph:  229-549-8780
FAX:  229-549-8780
303 S. College St. (P.O. Box 595)
Sparks, GA  31647

(M – Th) 8AM – 4:30PM

Tift County

Ph:  229-382-2960
FAX:  229-387-0754
2737 S. Central Ave., Suite 4
Tifton, GA 31794-4023

(M – F) 8AM – 5PM

Echols County

Ph:  229-599-0472
FAX:  229-559-0788
170 Church of God Street
Statenville, GA 31648

(Wed) 8AM – 5PM

Turner County

Ph:  229-567-2844
FAX:  229-567-8033
124 E. College St. (P.O. Box 2524)
Ashburn, GA 31714

(M -F) 8AM – 5PM

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