As the colder winter months approach, the Department of Human Services (DHS) will once again help Georgians struggling to keep up with the cost of heating their homes. DHS’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) will award an additional $1,158,388.00 to Coastal Plain Area Economic Opportunity Authority, Inc. located in Valdosta, Georgia.


Beginning January 16, 2014, Coastal Plain Area Economic Opportunity Authority, Inc. will be offering heating assistance to the General Public. In most cases, payments are made directly to the home energy supplier for gas, electricity, propane gas, wood, coal, or kerosene.


To participate in the program, the family must meet a yearly income equal to, or less than 60% of the State median income. For a one-person household, that would be $21,029; for two people, $27,500, for three people $33,970; for four people, $40,441; for five people, $46,912; for six people; $53,382, for seven people, $54,595; for eight people, $55,809 (for each additional person, add $1,213 to annual income.)


To participate in the program, the family must bring their most recent fuel or utility bill, or statement of service from their provider, State issued picture ID (must be current), Social Security cards and proof of income for all household members. This may be paycheck stubs, a letter granting public assistance, Social Security or unemployment benefits.


Assistance will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.


For further information, please contact your local Community Services Center at the following numbers.


Ben Hill County CSC – 116 N. Johnston Street, Fitzgerald, GA - (229) 426-5177

Berrien County CSC – 402 Hazel Avenue, Nashville, GA - (229) 686-7871

Brooks County CSC – 400 Courtland Avenue, Quitman, GA – (229) 263-7818

Cook County CSC – 303 S. College Street, Sparks, GA – (229) 549-8780

Echols County CSC – 170 Church of God Street, Statenville, GA – (229) 559-3472

Irwin County CSC – 311 Vo Tech Road, Ocilla, GA 31774 – (229) 468-5186

Lanier County CSC – 104 S. Oak Street, Lakeland, GA - (229) 482-3435

Lowndes County CSC – 900 S. Troupe Street, Valdosta, GA - (229) 242-8814

Tift County CSC – 2737 S. Central Avenue, Ste 4, Tifton, GA - (229) 382-2960

Turner County CSC – 124 E. College Street, Ashburn, GA – (229) 567-2844




   Phone:  (229) 244-7860                                       You can also Donate or Volunteer

FAX: (229) 245-7885                                      by calling toll free: (877) 867-7860


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